Welcome, Bienvenue!

Hey everyone and welcome to The Chatoic Booklr! My name is Ashley and for as long as I can remember I’ve always loved reading. Books are my escape, my way of traveling to different worlds and experiencing foreign cultures. They excite me and allow my creativity to flow as I imagine myself right there in the action.

Anyways I’ve always wanted to have a blog of sorts to record my thoughts on what I’ve read and reviews on books I’ve loved or not. I had originally tried to set something up like this during my first year of college (started August 2014) but with it being my first year I was too overwhelmed with life and just couldn’t do it at the time. Now that I’m going on my third year, I’ll be a junior after this semester, I’m definitely ready to do this and very experienced at balancing multiple projects at once.

So without further ado welcome to the blog and bare with me while I get the hang of all of this, it is my first time after all.


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